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Case number: 17/12877

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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision Notice1712877 withdrawn6807/02/2018
PlansAddendum to Built Heritage Statement207510/01/2018
PlansWind and Microclimate Analaysis Report399820/11/2017
PlansAccommodation Summary Schedule8015/11/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park - FRA145115/11/2017
PlansFRA&SUDS Strategy AppC66815/11/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Elevations381931/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing First Floor Plan508431/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing First Floor Plan 2536131/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Ground Floor 2455231/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Ground Floor Plan618731/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Sections380231/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Unit 6-7436131/10/2017
PlansBlock B - Existing Units 1,2, 3487131/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Elevations432931/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Elevations 2506431/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Elevations 3413731/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing First Floor Plan364731/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing First Floor Plan 2367131/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Ground Floor Plan582331/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Ground Floor Plan 2416431/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Site Plan635231/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Units 4-5474131/10/2017
PlansBlock C - Existing Units 6-7549331/10/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park Existing Ground Floor Plan311831/10/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park Existing Site Plan502331/10/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park Existing Site Plan 2558931/10/2017
PlansExisting Cowleaze Road Car Park Elevations361931/10/2017
PlansExisting Cowleaze Road Car Park Level 0 & 1380331/10/2017
PlansExisting Cowleaze Road Car Park Level 2 & 3281531/10/2017
PlansExisting Cowleaze Road Car Park Level 4 & 5329031/10/2017
PlansExisting Educare Floor Layouts504831/10/2017
PlansExisting Educare Ground & First Floor Plan399331/10/2017
PlansExisting Educare Sections & Elevations375231/10/2017
PlansExisting Educare Site Plan383831/10/2017
PlansExisting Educare Site Plans and Axo403031/10/2017
Plans(20)_114-P1 Proposed Roof Plan30524/10/2017
PlansDesign and Access Statement1482424/10/2017
Plans(20)_001-P2 Site Location Plan23920/10/2017
Plans(20)_049-P2 Existing Site Plan42020/10/2017
Plans(20)_050-P1 Proposed Site Plan30520/10/2017
Plans(20)_098-P1 Proposed Basement Plan 229420/10/2017
Plans(20)_099-P1 Proposed Basement Plan 138220/10/2017
Plans(20)_100-P2 Proposed Ground Floor Plan97120/10/2017
Plans(20)_101-P1 Proposed 1st Floor Plan104720/10/2017
Plans(20)_102-P1 Proposed 2nd - 3rd Floor Plan85520/10/2017
Plans(20)_104-P1 Proposed 4th Floor Plan90720/10/2017
Plans(20)_105-P2 Proposed 5th Floor Plan69120/10/2017
Plans(20)_106-P2 Proposed 6th Floor Plan59820/10/2017
Plans(20)_107-P2 Proposed 7th Floor Plan40620/10/2017
Plans(20)_108-P2 Proposed 8th - 9th Floor Plan28120/10/2017
Plans(20)_110-P2 Proposed 10th Floor Plan27620/10/2017
Plans(20)_111-P2 Proposed 11th Floor Plan25720/10/2017
Plans(20)_112-P2 Proposed 12th Floor Plan24720/10/2017
Plans(20)_113-P2 Proposed 13th Floor Plan22920/10/2017
Plans(20)_114-P1 Proposed Roof Plan436120/10/2017
Plans(20)_201-P3 Proposed Elevations 01 and 0233720/10/2017
Plans(20)_202-P3 Proposed Elevations 03 and 0428220/10/2017
Plans(20)_203-P3 Proposed Elevations 05 and 0626620/10/2017
Plans(20)_301-P2 Proposed Sections AA and BB20820/10/2017
Plans(20)_302-P3 Proposed Sections CC and DD20620/10/2017
Plans(20)_303-P1 Proposed Sections EE and FF29620/10/2017
Plans(20)_304-P2 Proposed Sections GG and HH24420/10/2017
Plans(20)_305-P2 Proposed Section JJ11720/10/2017
Plans1726-01 Existing Elevations A-A & B-B68220/10/2017
Plans1726-02 Existing Elevations C-C & D-D74520/10/2017
Plans1726-03 Existing Elevations E-E & H-H75520/10/2017
Plans1726-04 Existing Elevations J-J & K-K81020/10/2017
Plans1726-05 Existing Elevations L-L & M-M76520/10/2017
PlansAir Quality Assessment130620/10/2017
PlansAir Quality Assessment - Cumulative Impact Tables41820/10/2017
PlansArboricultural Constraints Report39120/10/2017
PlansArboricultural Implications Report193420/10/2017
PlansArchaeological Desk Based Assessment593920/10/2017
PlansBat Survey Report32520/10/2017
PlansBuilt Heritage Assessment and Visual Impact Assess656220/10/2017
PlansCommercial Travel Plan168720/10/2017
PlansConstruction Method Statement Complete (002).313120/10/2017
PlansCover Letter - Executive Summary dated 20-10-2017192320/10/2017
PlansDaylight & Sunlight Report382120/10/2017
PlansDesign and Access Statement - Landscape and Public912420/10/2017
PlansDrainage Strategy Report21820/10/2017
PlansElemental Cost Plan84520/10/2017
PlansEnergy Strategy Statement272220/10/2017
PlansEnvironment Statement - Non Technical Summary61720/10/2017
PlansEnvironment Statement 15120/10/2017
PlansEnvironmental Statement 2416020/10/2017
PlansHealth Impact Assessment805720/10/2017
PlansHealth Impact Assessment _Soci0-Economic Baseline59020/10/2017
PlansNoise Report - External Building Fabric Report108320/10/2017
PlansPlanning Statement375620/10/2017
PlansPreliminary Ecological Assessment52520/10/2017
PlansResidential Travel Plan186920/10/2017
PlansStatement of Community Involvement389520/10/2017
PlansSuitability Assessment Report386920/10/2017
PlansSustainability Statement159820/10/2017
PlansTransport Assessment443520/10/2017
PlansTree Constraints Plan50320/10/2017
PlansTree Survey Schedule20920/10/2017
PlansUnit by Unit Accommodation Schedule5720/10/2017
PlansViability Assessment113020/10/2017
PlansCanbury Park Viability Assessment113014/09/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park ProMap23113/09/2017
PlansCanbury Business Park Summary6213/09/2017
PlansCommercial Market Report.386913/09/2017
PlansCover Letter dated 12/09/201712213/09/2017
PlansFlood Risk Assessment337813/09/2017
PlansGeo-Environmental Desk Study Report134313/09/2017
PlansSitel House Summary1613/09/2017
PlansSJA Arb Report Canbury Business Park193513/09/2017
Plans1st Floor NIA18412/09/2017
Plans20080707 2nd Flr Plans78712/09/2017
Plans20080707 First Flr Plan73412/09/2017
Plans20080707 Lower GF Plan92712/09/2017
Plans20080707 Upper GF Plan99012/09/2017
Plans2nd Floor NIA18112/09/2017
PlansLower Ground Floor NIA16812/09/2017
PlansUpper Ground Floor NIA19712/09/2017