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Case number: 18/12217

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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision Notice1812217 redacted - revised131216/08/2018
Decision NoticeDwg No L-202 Landscape Plan209220/04/2018
Decision NoticeLN00463-L-100-P02 Landscape - General Arrangement708911/04/2018
Decision NoticeLN00463-L-200-P02 Landscape Plan - Old Post Office142811/04/2018
Decision NoticeLN00463-L-201-P02 Landscape Plan - Streetscapes499711/04/2018
Decision NoticeLN00463-L-202-P01 Landscape Plan - Podium Gardens142711/04/2018
Application FormApplicationFormNoPersonalData13812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_005_P09 - Approved Site Plan62712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_010_P10 - Approved Basement Plan12412/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_100 - Approved Ground Floor Plan105212/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_101 - Approved Mezzanine Floor Plan91612/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_102_P10 - Approved Level 01 Plan133812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_103_P10 - Approved Level 02 Plan119912/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_104_P10 - Approved Level 03 Plan113712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_105_P11 - Approved Level 04 Plan105712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_106_P10 - Approved Level 05 Plan89112/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_107_P10 - Approved Level 06 Plan74112/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_108_P10 - Approved Level 07 Plan61812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_109_P10 - Approved Level 08 Plan54712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_110_P10 - Approved Level 09 Plan29512/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_111_P10 - Approved Level 10 Plan24612/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_112_P10 - Approved Level 11 Plan24712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_113_P10 - Approved Level 12 Plan24712/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_114_P10 - Approved Level 13 Plan21012/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_115_P10 - Approved Level 14 Plan21012/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_116_P10 - Approved Roof Plan46812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_200_P10 - Approved North Elevation AA reduced176412/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_201_P10 - Approved North Elevation BB reduced144012/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_202_P10 - Approved East Elevation CC reduced150912/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_203_P10 - Approved East Elevation DD473012/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_204_P10 - Approved South Elevation EE reduced154312/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_205_P10 - Approved West Elevation FF reduced157912/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_206_P10 - Approved North Elevation GG329512/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_207_P10 - Approved South Elevation HH403412/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_300_P10 - Approved Section AA reduced137012/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_301_P10 - Approved Section BB485812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_302_P10 - Approved Section CC471812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_303_P10 - Approved Section DD436812/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_304_P10 - Approved Section EE437912/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_305_P10 - Approved Section FF335312/03/2018
Decision Notice00852_JTP_P1_306_P10 - Approved Section GG366612/03/2018
Decision NoticeExisting Basement Plan - 145-A-P-GA-100715412/03/2018
Decision NoticeExisting Site Plan - 145-A-P-GA-100417012/03/2018
Decision NoticeExisting Topographical Survey - 145-A-P-GA-1003350912/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Basement Plan - 145-A-P-GA-100815812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Demolition Plan - 145-A-P-GA-100514812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation AA - 145-A-E-GA-P1200_lores63412/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation BB - 145-A-E-GA-P1201_lores64312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation CC - 145-A-E-GA-P1202_lores60412/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation DD 145-A-E-GA-P1203_lores71212/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation EE 145-A-E-GA-P1204_lores69312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation FF - 145-A-E-GA-P1205_lores55712/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation GG - 145-A-E-GA-P1206438812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation GG - 145-A-E-GA-P1206_lores24112/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Elevation HH - 145-A-E-GA-P1207_lores69312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Ground Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-1009143612/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 1 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-1011102712/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 10 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102058112/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 11 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102157112/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 12 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102257812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 13 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102358712/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 13 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-1023(1)58712/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 14 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102458212/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 2 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101289012/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 3 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101383912/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 4 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101476312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 5 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101581312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 6 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101673912/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 7 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101767512/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 8 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101863612/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Level 9 Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101958212/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Mezzanine Floor Plan - 145-A-P-GA-101076312/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Roof Plan - 145-A-P-GA-102553412/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Roof Plan Green and Brown Roof - 145-A-P-GA-102661112/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section AA - 145-A-S-GA-P1100_lores42812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section BB - 145-A-S-GA-P1101_lores50012/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section CC - 145-A-S-GA-P1102_lores51812/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section DD - 145-A-S-GA-P1103_lores45612/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section EE - 145-A-S-GA-P1104_lores68612/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section FF - 145-A-S-GA-P1105419612/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Section GG - 145-A-S-GA-P1106489912/03/2018
Decision NoticeProposed Site Plan - 145-A-P-GA-1006135012/03/2018
Decision NoticeRed Line Plan - 145-A-P-GA-100230312/03/2018
Decision NoticeROL7116_RC_ Light Within Report - APPENDIX C_Part269312/03/2018