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Case number: 17/12376/FUL

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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision NoticeArboricultural & Planning Integration Report, Revi24526/10/2018
Appeal Decision1712376 - Appeal Decision15108/01/2018
Appeal Decision1712376 Despatch Cover Letter - Viv Evans - 08 Jan3408/01/2018
Appeal StatementsAPP.Z5630.W.17.3182556, Local Planning Authority S136616/11/2017
Decision Notice17.12376.FUL, Land at Rear of 194 Park Road, Decis21420/07/2017
Reports17.12376.FUL, Land at Rear of 194 Park Road, Offic92120/07/2017
Decision NoticeDwg No 16-J001397- Rev C LP Site Location Plan14018/07/2017
Decision NoticeTree Protection Plan, Revised9305/07/2017
Decision Notice16-J001397 LH Lifetime Homes20126/04/2017
Decision NoticeDwg No 16-J001397-01 Rev A Site Layout32026/04/2017
Decision NoticeDwg No 16-J001397-02 Rev A Proposed Floor Plans an18226/04/2017
Application FormApplicationFormNoPersonalData15421/04/2017
Decision Notice16-J001397 - CP - Context Plan14219/04/2017
Decision NoticeDesign & Access Statement232819/04/2017
Decision NoticeDesktop Ecological Study60219/04/2017
Decision NoticeDwg No 16-J001397-03 Street Scene & Site Section67219/04/2017
Decision NoticeEnergy Statement3419/04/2017
Decision NoticeMaterials Schedule28019/04/2017
Decision NoticeRegulations Compliance Report24319/04/2017
Decision NoticeTree Constraints Plan21119/04/2017
Decision NoticeWater Report4619/04/2017