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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
PlansEnergy Statement99521/06/2017
Plans10251 PL02 Rev B Proposed Block Plan23812/06/2017
Plans10251 PL03 Rev D Proposed Site Plan39112/06/2017
Plans10251 PL04 Rev B Proposed Ground Floor Plan28312/06/2017
Plans10251 PL05 Rev B Proposed 1st Floor Plan22712/06/2017
Plans10251 PL06 Rev B Proposed 2nd Floor Plan21412/06/2017
Plans10251 PL07 Rev B Proposed 3rd Floor Plan19412/06/2017
Plans10251 PL08 Rev B Proposed Roof Plan16812/06/2017
Plans10251 PL09 Rev A Proposed South Elevation38112/06/2017
Plans10251 PL10 Rev A Proposed East Elevation18612/06/2017
Plans10251 PL11 Rev A Proposed West Elevation17412/06/2017
Plans10251 PL12 Rev A Proposed North Elevation29512/06/2017
Plans10251 PL15 Rev A Site Section AA25012/06/2017
PlansB01830-200 Rev P03 - Proposed Surface Water Draina41331/05/2017
PlansFlood Risk Assessment part 1131531/05/2017
PlansFlood Risk Assessment part 22824731/05/2017
PlansFlood Risk Assessment part 3911731/05/2017
Plans10251 PL01Rev A Site Location Plan18930/03/2017
PlansTransport Statement200415/02/2017
Plans10251 PL14 Existing Plans of 7 & 9 Coombe Road15708/02/2017
PlansArchaeological Desk-Based Assessment486308/02/2017
PlansDesign and Access Statement405608/02/2017
PlansPlanning Statement174408/02/2017
PlansStatement of Community Involvement340308/02/2017