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Case number: 17/12089

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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision NoticeDN LBC 11 Thames STreet25205/01/2018
Plans16073-0230-A Elevation 1 (North)530821/11/2017
Plans16073-0231-B Elevation 2 (South)377821/11/2017
Plans16073-P-0220-A Ground and First Floor Plans136221/11/2017
Plans16073-P-0221-A Second and Third Floor Plans133421/11/2017
Plans16073-P-0222-B Fourth Floor and Roof Plans124221/11/2017
Plans16073-P-0240-B Proposed Sections57321/11/2017
Plans16073-0232-A Elevation 3 (East and West)439203/10/2017
Plans16073-P-0245-A Proposed Elevation Details89103/10/2017
Plans16073-P-0200 Site Location Plan(1)111930/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0210 Existing Ground and First Floor Plans72130/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0215 Existing Elevations39930/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0217 Existing Sections20430/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0221 Second and Third Floor Plans130630/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0223 Roof Plan99730/01/2017
Plans16073-P-0225 Demolition Plans62830/01/2017