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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
ReportsCommittee of 06-12-2017315427/11/2017
Supporting DocumentsGough House D&A1371220/10/2017
PlansDesign & Access Statement Part 1, rev1371216/10/2017
PlansAir Quality Assessment101004/08/2017
Plans1613280 Issue Sht 1 Gough House3810/07/2017
PlansDesign & Access Statement Part 2 of 2643407/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.104 Proposed Basement Plan8507/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.105 Proposed Ground Floor Plan12707/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.106 Proposed First Floor Plan93707/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.107 Proposed Second Floor Plan84207/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.108 Proposed 3rd to 6th Floor Plan88807/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.109 Proposed 7th Floor Plan75307/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.110 Proposed Roof Plan13107/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.111 Proposed East Elevation17107/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.112 Proposed South Elevation18207/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.113 Proposed West Elevation14907/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.114 Proposed North Elevation31307/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.115 Proposed Section A-A19207/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95-155/P.116 Proposed Section B-B15007/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95155/P.102 Existing Floor Plans11707/07/2017
PlansDwg No 95155/P.103 Existing Elevations15307/07/2017
PlansDwg No L-100 General Arrangemnet Plan78407/07/2017
PlansDwg No L-200 Hard Landscape Plan76807/07/2017
PlansDwg No L-500 Soft Landscape Plan201407/07/2017
PlansDwg No L-700 Hard Landscape Details81207/07/2017
PlansDwg No L-701 Soft Landscape Detail66107/07/2017
PlansGround Investigation Report & Basement Impact Asse1014207/07/2017
Supporting DocumentsDAF Rev1228313/06/2017
Supporting Documents1613280 MicroDrainage Modelling6908/06/2017
Supporting Documents1613280 Response to Planning Officer Comments34008/06/2017
PlansDrainage Assessment Form420820/04/2017
PlansGough House - Financial Viability Assessment - Fin36302/03/2017
Supporting DocumentsEden 57E Left View919710/02/2017
PlansDaylight and Sunlight Report280007/02/2017
Supporting Documents2. Argus Appraisal902/02/2017
Supporting Documents3. Stack and Bonner Pricing Exercise1302/02/2017
Supporting Documents4. Cost Plan27502/02/2017
Supporting Documents5. CIL Charging Schedule.compressed (1)60202/02/2017
Supporting Documents6. Existing Use Value Retail49802/02/2017
Supporting Documents6.1 Goad Plan73002/02/2017
Supporting Documents6.2 Argus Appraisal2302/02/2017
Supporting Documents7. Office Suite Marketing Evidence.compressed30002/02/2017
Supporting Documents91825A Gough House Energy Statement 02-12-2016AG93302/02/2017
Application FormApplicationFormNoPersonalData15830/12/2016
Supporting Documents112586 FRA - Level 2 - v2157829/12/2016
Plans161114 Podium Garden Sketch Layout83929/12/2016
Plans2016-12-21 PB4647 Gough House Transport Statement329529/12/2016
Plans95-155 P101 Block plan 1.5007929/12/2016
Plans95-155P100 Site plan 1.12508029/12/2016
Supporting DocumentsBREEAM-UK-NC-2014-Pre_Assessment-Estimator-v4.2 - Gough House Retail -28729/12/2016
PlansCgMs Gough House DBA, Nov 2016.compressed504029/12/2016
PlansGough House SCI173229/12/2016
PlansHUDU-Rapid-Health-Impact-Assessment Final37729/12/2016
PlansNoise Report80029/12/2016
PlansPlanning Statement with Appendices214829/12/2016
PlansSite Location Plan19629/12/2016