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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision NoticeScan_IndiraP08122016 FUL162808/12/2016
Decision NoticeScan_IndiraP08122016 LBC27308/12/2016
ReportsDevelopment Control Committee Agenda Report final 101716/05/2016
ReportsDevelopment Control Pre Committee Report for 18-0574506/05/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/105G-Eden Cres Bldg-Fifth Floor Plan(166404/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/106G-Eden Cres Bldg-Sixth Floor Plan(98204/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/107G-Eden Cres Bldg-Seventh Floor Pla96504/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/108G-Eden Cres Bldg-Eighth Floor Plan97504/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/109G-Eden Cres Bldg-Ninth Floor Plan(98504/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/110G-Eden Cres Bldg-Tenth Floor Plan(84904/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/111G-Eden Cres Bldg-Eleventh Floor Pl79304/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/201H-Eden Cres Bldg-Section BB751704/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/203H-Eden Cres Bldg-Sections DD & EE1231804/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/205H-Eden Cres Bldg-Sections II-JJ1185504/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/300G-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Street Eleva1218704/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/301F-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Street Unwra1248204/04/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/306A-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Street Unwra1227504/04/2016
PlansView 23a29204/04/2016
PlansView 24a24304/04/2016
PlansView 28a24904/04/2016
PlansView 29a19504/04/2016
Plans03-16_Eden Walk Response Part 11739229/03/2016
Plans03-16_Eden Walk Response part 22340529/03/2016
PlansEden Walk - PreDC Response Document covering letter12029/03/2016
PlansEden Walk Images 24.03.16.pdf Part 12459629/03/2016
PlansEden Walk Images 24.03.16.pdf Part 22475329/03/2016
PlansEden Walk Images 24.03.16.pdf Part 31230229/03/2016
PlansEden Walk Images 24.03.16.pdf Part 41696129/03/2016
ReportsDC Docpack 23 March 16229515/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/100T-Ground Floor Plan151602/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/101T - First Floor Plan209202/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/102R-Second Floor Plan257702/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/103S-Third Floor Plan368002/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/104R-Fourth Floor Plan386502/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/105Q-Fifth Floor Plan446802/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/106Q-Sixth Floor Plan387402/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/107P-Seventh Floor Plan416102/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/112N- Twelfth Floor Plan385802/03/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/113P- Thirteenth Floor Plan383902/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/100 J- Union Terrace - Ground Floor P29202/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/101 J - Union Terrace - First Floor P36802/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/102 J - Union Terrace - Second Floor 54502/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/103 H - Union Terrace - Third Floor P44002/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/104 H - Union Terrace - Fourth Floor 36602/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/105 G - Union Terrace - Fifth Floor P37702/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/106 F - Union Terrace - Sixth Floor P25202/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/107 F - Union Terrace - Seventh Floor53602/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/201 E - Union Terrace - Sections AA & BB1106402/03/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/203 E - Union Terrace - Sections CC & DD944202/03/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/112G-Eden Cres Bldg-Twelfth Floor Pla79102/03/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/129C - Proposed Town Wide Section 6 L836702/03/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/200G-Eden Cres Bldg-Sections AA3216712/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/123B - Proposed Town Wide Elevation -2356812/02/2016
Plans00_SKC151 Podium Heights Study1022610/02/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/300 F - Union Terrace - East & West E1373710/02/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/301 F - Union Terrace - North & South873710/02/2016
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/408 C - Union Terrace - Bay Study 92439810/02/2016
PlansBDP/04(20)A/100H Eden Crescent Building L00 Floor plan69810/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/102G-Eden Cres Bldg-2nd Floor Plan(Ca122710/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/103G-Eden Cres Bldg-Third Floor Plan(146410/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/200G-Eden Cres Bldg-Section AA3216710/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/202G-Eden Cres Bldg-Section CC2678110/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/302F-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Walk Elevati1219810/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/303F-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Crescent Elevation1806210/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/304F-Eden Cres Bldg-West Elevation1695510/02/2016
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/405C-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 6 Eden 1713310/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/100G - Neville Yard Building Ground F48510/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/101G - Neville Yard Building First Fl31610/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/103G - Neville Yard Building Third Fl107410/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/200F - Neville Yard Building Sections AA & BB1029310/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/201F - Neville Yard Building Sections CC & DD1000810/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/300G - Neville Yard Building East (ES1590710/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/301G - Neville Yard Building South & 1783010/02/2016
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/400B - Neville Yard Building North Bay Study1747410/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/122B - Proposed Town Wide Elevation -1955910/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/123B - Proposed Town Wide Elevation Eden Street2356810/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/126B - Proposed Town Wide Section 3 L1698710/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/127B - Proposed Town Wide Section 4 L1075810/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/130B - Proposed Town Wide Section 7 L962710/02/2016
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/131B - Proposed Town Wide Section 8 L1115110/02/2016
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/1B1N GA Basement level 1 plan195623/12/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/104F Neville Yard GA Fourth floor108223/12/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/105F Neville Yard GA Fifth floor103823/12/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/106F Neville Yard GA Sixth floor103223/12/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/107F Neville Yard GA Seventh floor104323/12/2015
PlansBDP/(02)MP/101 - Eden Walk Kingston1215730/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/001A - Ground Floor Surface Finishes Pl184830/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/101 - Ground Floor Detail Plan 1 of 4107930/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/102 - Ground Floor Detail Plan 2 of 469430/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/103 - Ground Floor Detail Plan 3 of 4131930/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/104 - Ground Floor Detail Plan 4 of 474930/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/401A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 4 Ge133430/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/402A - Roof Terraces Block 4&5 Level 2 147530/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/410A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 10 G93230/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/411A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 11 Gen Arrangement Plan76130/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/414A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 14 G70030/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)LP/501A - Roof Terraces Block 5 Level 8 Ge96830/10/2015
PlansBDP/(90)SCH/L001 - Materials Schedule93230/10/2015
PlansBDP/(93)LP/001 - Ground Floor Levels Strategy122430/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/001B - Ground Floor Tree Retention / Re146130/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/002B-GroundFloor Tree Retention/Removal75230/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/100B - Ground Floor Tree Planting Plan112730/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/101A - Ground Floor Planting Plan129030/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/301A - Roof Terraces Block 3 Level 2 Pl100030/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/401A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 4 Pl125030/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/410A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 10 P93230/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/411A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 11 P76130/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/414A - Roof Terraces Block 4 Level 14 P66130/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)LP/501A - Roof Terraces Block 5 Level 8 Pl96830/10/2015
PlansBDP/(94)SCH/L001 - Planting Schedule10930/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/108L- Eighth Floor Plan (Cinema Level)309530/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/109L- Ninth Floor Plan267830/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/110L-Tenth Floor Plan243130/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/111L - Eleventh Floor Plan172230/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/114E - Fourteenth Floor Plan148530/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/115D - Fifteenth Floor Plan135030/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/116D - Sixteenth Floor Plan117530/10/2015
PlansBDP/00/(20)A/1B2 H-Basement Level 0246430/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(00)A/500 - Union Terrace - Typical 2B & S81430/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(00)A/501 - Union Terrace - Typical 1B & 3129430/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/108 D - Union Terrace - Roof Plan67530/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/205 C - Union Terrace - Section EE2723430/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/400 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 1557330/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/401 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 21216430/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/402 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 3112230/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/403 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 4154530/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/404 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 5526530/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/405 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 6898030/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/406 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 784130/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/(20)A/407 A - Union Terrace - Bay Study 8114930/10/2015
PlansBDP/03/SCH/001/ - Union Terrace - Material Schedua27030/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/101E-Eden Cres Bldg-1st Floor Plan(Re90830/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/104E-Eden Cres Bldg-Fourth Floor Plan133330/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/114E-Eden Cres Bldg-Fourteenth Floor 47930/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/115E-Eden Cres Bldg-Fifteenth Floor P33130/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/204E-Eden Cres Bldg-Sections FF-GG-HH1393430/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/305D-Eden Cres Bldg-Eden Crescent Unw1480230/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/400A-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 1 Core 2306130/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/401A-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 2 Eden 2738930/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/402A-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 3 Core 2963530/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/403A-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 4 Eden Street Spine2775330/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/404A-Eden Cres Bldg-Bay Study 5 Eden 2543130/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/406-Eden Cres Bldg-Typical Apartment 1049730/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/407-Eden Cres Bldg-Typical Apartment 905030/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/(20)A/408-Eden Cres Bldg-Accessible Residen1114830/10/2015
PlansBDP/04/SCH/001 Eden Cres Bldg-Material Schedule42330/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(00)A/500 - Neville Yard Building Typical R16530/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(00)A/501 - Neville Yard Building Typical R64130/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(00)A/502 - Neville Yard Building Typical R16230/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(00)A/503 - Neville Yard Building Typical R14730/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/102D - Neville Yard Building Second F53430/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/108D - Neville Yard Building Eighth F127730/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/109D - Neville Yard Building Ninth Fl126630/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/110D - Neville Yard Building Tenth Fl118630/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/111D - Neville Yard Building Roof Pla41230/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/401 - Neville Yard Building East Bay Study1683030/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/402 - Neville Yard Building South Bay Study2557130/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/403 -Neville Yard Building West Bay Study2738330/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/404 - Neville Yard Building Winter Garden Bay Study1264630/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/(20)A/405 - Neville Yard Building M&S Bay Study2347130/10/2015
PlansBDP/05/SCH/001 - Neville Yard Building Material Sc39130/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/001-Site Location Plan92930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/002-Planning Boundary Existing Ground155730/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/005- Proposed Site Plan - Ground Floo53630/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/010-Existing Site Context Plan Ground62930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/011- Existing Site Context Plan- Firs173330/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/012- Existing Site Context Plan - Sec191530/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/013- Existing Site Context Plan - 3RD159330/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/014- Existing Site Context Plan- 4TH 147830/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/015- Existing Site Context Plan - 5TH143930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/016- Existing Site Context Plan- 6TH 143030/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/017- Existing Site Context Plan- 7TH 142830/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/018- Existing Site Context Plan- 8TH 142630/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/0B1- Existing Site Context Plan -Base51830/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(00)A/901 -Existing Site & Demolition Plan 176730/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/000-Existing Site Elevations - Elevat72830/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/001-Existing Site Elevations - Elevat61630/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/002-Existing Site Elevations - Elevat56930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/003-Existing Site Elevations - Elevat52930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/120 - Existing Town Wide Elevation - Union Street1166330/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/121 - Existing Town Wide Elevation - 701630/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/124 - Proposed Town Wide Section 1 Lo1458830/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/125 - Proposed Town Wide Section 2 Lo885030/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/128 - Proposed Town Wide Section 5 Lo1074930/10/2015
PlansBDP/MP/(20)A/132 - Proposed Town Wide Section 9 Lo865430/10/2015
PlansBreeam Pre-Assessment365030/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 11_Car and Cycle Park1613430/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 17_Glossary7330/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.5_Neville Yard2438930/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 1_Introduction1300330/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 10_Waste Strategy768730/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 12_Safety and Security1449230/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 13_Flood Risk348430/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 14_Sustainability982830/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 15_Access1325230/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 2_The Site.1401630/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 3_The Town Centre2515930/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 4_Consultation394930/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 5_Masterplan Principle898630/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.1_Detailed Scheme2622030/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.2_Central Amenity Sp712330/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.3_Union Terrace3178330/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.4_Eden Crescent2351830/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 6.6_Car Parks and Serv443130/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 7_Public Realm and Lan1413430/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 8_Lighting Strategy2628830/10/2015
PlansDesign and Access Statement 9_Cleaning and Mainten281330/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement - Vol 2 Appendix A104030/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement - Vol 2 Appendix B Photos From Site Walkover15830/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement - Vol 2 Appendix D BGS Borehole Records254430/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement - Vol 2 Substructure Ground Investigations130830/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Vol 2 Appendix C Historical Maps & Envirocheck1341530/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Residential Travel Plan351630/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 - Appendix B Travel Survey Result898530/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Appendix 1 TRAVL Output168530/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Appendix B Travel Survey Result898530/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Appendix C & D534130/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Appendix E Footway Shopping-Up Plan291030/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement Volume 4 Site-Wide Framework Travel Plan377230/10/2015
PlansEnvironmental Statement-Vol1Chap 5 Construction Programme &Methodology26630/10/2015
PlansStatement Of Community Involvement Supporting Documents556730/10/2015