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Decision Notice16
Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
The Legal Agreement itselfSupplemental S106 Deed dated 30 October 2015895513/11/2015
Plans(20)_012 P02 Proposed Site Plan89928/09/2015
Plans(20)_102 V02 P05- Proposed 2nd Floor Plan36828/09/2015
Plans(20)_103 V02 P05 Proposed 3rd Floor Plan37028/09/2015
Plans(20)_106 V02 P05 Proposed 6th Floor Plan32228/09/2015
Plans(20)_107 V02 P06 Proposed 7th Floor Plan26628/09/2015
Plans(20)_108 V02 P06 Proposed 8th Floor Plan72228/09/2015
Plans(20)_109 V02 P05 Proposed Roof Plans34928/09/2015
Plans(20)_202 P05 Proposed East Elevation248328/09/2015
Plans(20)_203 P05 Proposed South Elevation234628/09/2015
Plans(20)_205 P02 Proposed West Elevation261428/09/2015
Plans(20)_304 P02 Proposed Section E-E12928/09/2015
Plans(20)_305 P02 Proposed Section F-F13628/09/2015
Plans(20)_306 P02 Proposed Section G-G21928/09/2015
Supporting DocumentsKingston Gas Works Wind Statement_30-08-1521228/09/2015
Supporting Documentslet 012 MM TF Amendments to scheme September 1518328/09/2015
Plans(20)_204 P02 Proposed North Elevation910028/08/2015
Application FormApplicationFormNoPersonalData15704/08/2015
Supporting Documents(20) Drawing Register Planning Application7304/08/2015
Plans(20)_005 Existing Site Plan35831/07/2015
Plans(20)_011Consented Site Plan66831/07/2015
Plans(20)_099 Proposed Basement Plan14931/07/2015
Plans(20)_100 Proposed Ground Floor Plan80431/07/2015
Plans(20)_101 Proposed 1st Floor Plan35731/07/2015
Plans(20)_104 Proposed 4th Floor Plan37831/07/2015
Plans(20)_105 Proposed 5th Floor Plan37231/07/2015
Supporting Documents150730_DAS SE Block Addendum499431/07/2015
Supporting Documents2014-07-28_IntDaySun_SHOG_IS3_7061432831/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsAccomodation Schedule6631/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsD7A Transport Assessment Addendum 30-07-1568231/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW SE Corner Sustainability PreAssessment139931/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW - South-East Building Noise Assessment Rev 1166631/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW -SE Corner Replan - Energy Strategy Rev B95631/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW -SE Corner Replan - Sustainability Statement Rev B81531/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW Air quality report96931/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW daylight sunlight report 1124631/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsKGW- FRA Addendum complete457831/07/2015
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement SE222131/07/2015