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Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
Decision NoticeDec82426/08/2015
ReportsScan_IndiraP31072015 (1)220531/07/2015
PlansKU-P-201 GA Proposed Plan Level 1_Rev A32305/06/2015
PlansDesign & Access Statement Summary Part 12032802/06/2015
PlansDesign & Access Statement Summary Part 21564702/06/2015
PlansKi.11-DR-230 A Tree Retention/Removal Plan164202/06/2015
PlansKi.11-DR-240 A Proposed landscape sections71302/06/2015
PlansKi.11-DR-250 A Proposed hard landscape details264202/06/2015
PlansKi.11-DR-270 Proposed landscape materials95402/06/2015
PlansKU-P-100 SITE LOCATION PLAN34202/06/2015
PlansKU-P-101 A Block plan130102/06/2015
PlansKU-P-102 A Ground floor context plan488902/06/2015
PlansKU-P-200 A GA Proposed section A-A20702/06/2015
PlansKU-P-200 A Proposed GA Plan level 020702/06/2015
PlansKU-P-202 A Proposed GA Plan level 240702/06/2015
PlansKU-P-203 A Proposed GA Plan level 3134202/06/2015
PlansKU-P-204 A Proposed GA Plan level 4239702/06/2015
PlansKU-P-205 A Proposed GA Plan level 539102/06/2015
PlansKU-P-206 A Proposed GA Roof plan133802/06/2015
PlansKU-P-301 A GA Proposed section B-B128502/06/2015
PlansKU-P-302 A GA Proposed section C-C54302/06/2015
PlansKU-P-303 A GA Proposed section D-D44302/06/2015
PlansKU-P-304 A Proposed Context sections (AA & BB)79602/06/2015
PlansKU-P-305 A Proposed context sections CC & DD64002/06/2015
PlansKU-P-400 A GA Proposed West Elevation79302/06/2015
PlansKU-P-401 A Proposed south elevation69602/06/2015
PlansKU-P-402 A Proposed North elevation58102/06/2015
PlansKU-P-403 A Proposed East elevation53902/06/2015
PlansKU-P-404 A Proposed Context elevation West & South138502/06/2015
PlansKU-P-405 A Proposed Context elevation North & East90502/06/2015
PlansKU-P-500 A Proposed Facade Elevation & section151002/06/2015
PlansKU-P-600 A Existing site plam32402/06/2015
PlansKU-P-601 A Existing ground floor17402/06/2015
PlansKU-P-602 A Existing first floor17102/06/2015
PlansKU-P-603 A Existing second10402/06/2015
PlansKU-P-604 A Existing roof plan7202/06/2015
PlansKU-P-605 A Existing section A-A395602/06/2015
PlansKU-P-606 A Existing section B-B403302/06/2015
PlansKU-P-607 A Existing SOuth & North elevations406302/06/2015
PlansKU-P-608 A Existing elevations East & West403602/06/2015
PlansSK-160620141 Structural demolition plan94602/06/2015