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Decision Notice19
Supporting Documents5
Attached PDF FilesDescriptionFile Size (kb)Date Received
The Legal Agreement itselfs106 legal agreement - Former Post Office Ashdown93223/09/2016
The Legal Agreement itselfs106 legal agreement - Former Post Office Ashdown1956223/09/2016
The Legal Agreement itselfs106 legal agreement - Former Post Office Ashdown1239823/09/2016
The Legal Agreement itselfs106 legal agreement - Former Post Office Ashdown417923/09/2016
ReportsDevelopment Control Committee Agenda Report 25-02-119716/02/2016
ReportsCopy of 1413247_AGN_345882- 5th November 2015- upd90012/02/2016
PlansLight Within Report - Jan 2016 - FINAL1059321/01/2016
PlansDAS JAN 2016 - Part 4565420/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_001 P08 Red line plan314714/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_002P08 Existing topo Survey277214/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_003 P08 Existing site plan271314/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_004 P05 Proposed demolition plan283214/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_005 P08 Proposed site plan291414/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_006 P08 Existing basement plan33914/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_010 P08 Proposed basement plan50714/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_100 P08 Proposed ground floor110414/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_101 P08 Prposed Mezzanine floor100914/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_102 P08 Proposed level 01 Plan174514/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_103 P08 Proposed level 02 Plan176014/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_104 P08 Proposed level 03 Plan174214/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_105 P08 Proposed level 04 Plan160314/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_106 P08 Proposed level 05 plan136614/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_107 P08 Proposed level 06 plan118614/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_108 P08 Proposed level 07 plan105514/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_109P08 Proposed level 08 plan104814/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_110 P08 Proposed level 09 plan49614/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_111 P08 Proposed level 10 plan25414/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_112 P08 Proposed level 11 plan25514/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_113 P08 Proposed level 12 plan25014/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_114 P08 Proposed level 13 plan29714/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_115 P08 Proposed level 14 plan23414/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_116 P08 Proposed Roof plan19814/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_120 P08 Proposed roof plan Green & Br96214/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_200 P08 Proposed North Elevation AA269814/01/2016
Plans00825_JTP_P1_201 P08 Proposed North Elevation BB267914/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_201 P08 Proposed North elevation BB267914/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_202 P08 Proposed East elevation CC317514/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_203 P08 Proposed East elevation DD254514/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_204 P08 Proposed South elevation EE270414/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_205 P08 Proposed West elevation FF306514/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_206 P08 Proposed North elevation GG197714/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_207 P08 Proposed South Elevation elev233814/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_300 P08 Proposed Section AA230814/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_301 P08 Proposed Section BB246214/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_302 P08 Proposed Section CC252014/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_303P08 Proposed Section DD241314/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_304 P08 Proposed Section EE240814/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_305 P08 Proposed Section FF240114/01/2016
Plans00852_JTP_P1_306 P08 Proposed Section GG206714/01/2016
Supporting Documents1_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Cover_introduction328814/01/2016
Supporting Documents2_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Application_Part1441714/01/2016
Supporting Documents2_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Application_Part2415214/01/2016
Supporting Documents3_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Design_Amendments_Part1416114/01/2016
Supporting Documents3_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Design_Amendments_Part2473914/01/2016
Supporting Documents3_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Design_Amendments_Part3461214/01/2016
Supporting Documents3_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Design_Amendments_Part4325214/01/2016
Supporting Documents4_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Landscape287214/01/2016
Supporting Documents5_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Materials172114/01/2016
Supporting Documents6_00852_DAS_ADDENDUM_Appendices504014/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsAffordable Housing Statement299514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsCar Park Management Plan222414/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsCar Park Management Plan222414/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsDrainage Strategy493014/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsEnergy & Sustainabililty Strategy352914/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App A Environmental Statement & B Traffic & Transport475814/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App B Car Management Plan & C Flood Risk Assessment486614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App B Figures & delivery service plan413514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App C cont & Drainage Strategy470714/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App D continued517614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III App D continued397514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III Appendix D continued24314/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Add Vol III Appendix D Daylight/Sunlight & Overshadowing continued516914/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Addendum Vol III Appendix C Drainage Strategy & D Daylight/Sunlight431614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 Townscape, Visual Impact & Built Heritage Assessment415914/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part2414214/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part3416114/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part4410014/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part5412614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part6412914/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 2 TVIA_Part7115614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsES Vol. 4 Non Technical Summary372714/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsFlood Risk Assessment1277214/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsHealth Impact Assessment367514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsHealth Impact Assessment367514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsHeritage Statement239614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsHeritage Statement239614/01/2016
PlansL-100 Rev E Materials Reference Plan171614/01/2016
PlansLN00364 L-200 rev B Landscape Plan Courtyard172114/01/2016
PlansLN00364 L-201 Rev C Landscape plan Street Scene273014/01/2016
PlansLN00364 L-202 rev B Landscape Plan - Podium Garden67814/01/2016
PlansLN00364 L-203 Hard landscape Plan - Private roof t69214/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsMain Site Application Form Schedule 1 Addendum20914/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPages from Flood Risk Assessment p1-20247714/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPages from Flood Risk Assessment-2 p21-40403514/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPages from Flood Risk Assessment-3 p41-50172314/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPages from Flood Risk Assessment-4 p51-70218214/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPages from Flood Risk Assessment-5 p71-82236314/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement including Regeneration Statemen427614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsTOPO_ES Addendum Volume I full_Jan16819714/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsTransport Assessment Addendum335614/01/2016
Supporting DocumentsTravel Plan1673714/01/2016
PlansCar Parking Management Plan141215/09/2015
PlansCommunity Engagement Report Addendum Sep 2015237504/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 1507904/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 10464204/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 11498104/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 12504604/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 13473204/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 14492104/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 15473004/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 16477304/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 17183604/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 2487604/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 3498604/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 5520504/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 6459804/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 7521604/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 8486504/09/2015
PlansDAS Sept 2015 - Part 9496804/09/2015
PlansTransport Assessment Addendum - Sept 2015 Addendum232004/09/2015
ReportsDevelopment Control Committee Agenda Report 23-06-78815/06/2015
Plans00852_JTP_P1_300 Proposed Section AA plan scenario36323/04/2015
Plans00852_JTP_P2_005 Proposed site plan Scenario B106223/04/2015
Plans00852_JTP_P2_105 Proposed level 04 Scenario B151623/04/2015
Plans00852_JTP_P2_300 Proposed Section AA Scenario B36323/04/2015
Supporting Documents14-114-03C Framework Travel Plan - Final FULL102517/04/2015
Supporting Documents14-114-05C Delivery Service Plan - Final FULL + Ap463917/04/2015
Supporting Documents14-114-06 - Transport Assessment Addendum - Final 135917/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsAppendix 1 - Regeneration Statement Addendum93817/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsCERA - Addendum1071317/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsDSP Figures & Appendicies - Final FULL + APP463917/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsTP - App A507517/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsTP - Figures624717/04/2015
Supporting DocumentsThe Old Post Office Site Light Within Report1904105/01/2015
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Energy Statement - December 2014 (1)697119/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Sustainability Statement - December 2014190719/12/2014
Supporting Documents Visual Impact Pages from 2767_8411_141210_low res719618/12/2014
Supporting Documents14-114-02C Transport Assessment - Final51018/12/2014
Supporting Documents14-114-03B Framework Travel Plan - Final41218/12/2014
Supporting Documents14-114-04B Car Parking Management Plan - Final21318/12/2014
Supporting Documents14-114-04B Car Parking Management Plan - Final21318/12/2014
Supporting Documents14-114-05B Delivery Service Plan - Final20518/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp A - Fig 3 Eden Qtr Dev Brief86518/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp B - Pre Planning Correspondance240818/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp C - Ped Env - Kingston Move Strategy18318/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp D - PERS Audit Kingston739118/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp E - Bus Stop Audit Report Kingston259918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp F - Car Park Occupancy (from RBK Movement Stud271718/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp G - Accident Data30918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp H - ATC Data413318/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp I - MCC Data196118/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp J - TRAVL EXTRACT1618/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp K - Grove (Origin Ward) TTW - Amended4118/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp L - Tempro 2014-2020 Kingston2618/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp L - Tempro 2014-2021 Kingston3418/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp M - Car Parking Technical Note173118/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsApp N - Technical Note Trip Generation for Buses16918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsAppendix A33218/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsDRAWINGS - Refuse Collection 172018/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsDSP Figures & Appendicies298718/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsES Volume I2071218/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsES Volume I_Part1Main Text1008818/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsES Volume I_Part2 Technical Appendices736618/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsES Volume I_Part3 Townscape, Heritage731918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsFIGURES624718/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsFIGURES 1-3624918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement APPENDIX 1 Planning History27918/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement APPENDIX 2 Planning Policy255618/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement APPENDIX 3 RBK Residential Stan29318/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsPlanning Statement APPENDIX 4 - Regeneration State87318/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Community Engagement Report - December 2014210218/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Community Engagement Report Appendices - Dece1232818/12/2014
Application FormTOPO Main Site Application Form - December 201458018/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Planning Statement 10.12.14123218/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Planning Statement 10.12.14123218/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Retail Vision - December 20141371118/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsTOPO Tree Survey Report - December 2014586618/12/2014
Supporting DocumentsVisual Imact Pages from 2767_8411_141210_low res_p837118/12/2014